Potentially false alarm of power supply after energy flapping on OS6860


I have a network with Omniswitch 6860, each one having 2 power supplies. I am getting alarms of unpowered power supply in some OS6860. Some of these alarms are real, but some other are false. The typical story of a false alarm is the following:

There’s a quick energy flapping (down/up) in the power supply.
The frontal LED of OS6860 regarding power supplies is yellow, but both power supplies have their LED green. When doing “show powersupply n” on the flapped power supply, it shows up as UNPOWERED. Nevertheless, this flapped power supply is still working because if we take the other power supply out, the OS6860 continues working.
We can make the false alarm disappear by pulling out the flapped power supply and putting it back in. Sometimes, after another energy flapping, the alarm disappears.

This problem was already reported to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and ALE was able to replicate it. Until now, ALE didn't present any solution to this problem.

Does anybody know a CLI command to have a deeper view of power supplies that could give a hint wheter the alarm is false or not?

Most of my OS6860 are in remote locations and I would like to avoid unnecessary travels caused by false alarms.

Hello jalves,

I believe this issue will be fixed in AOS 8.9R2 which should be released 15th March 2023. It will show as "UNPLUG" when there is power loss or the "power cord" from the power supply is removed rather than "UNPOWERED".