Problem with mobile phone

Hello, I’m a beginner and I’m trying to figure out if I can make
improvements on my own. We have a controller: OmniAccess 4450 Mobility
Controller and in the company 80 access points model OAW - AP207,
I have problems with my mobile phone when I am in wifi. I’ll explain .
I use a SIP app called gloCOM GO6, in 4G it works very well,
when I’m on wifi it gives me problems, I can’t call, or while
I’m in communication I feel like there is another incoming call etc …
can you tell me if can I do some configuration dedicated to the voice
service? Thank you

Hi Emanuele,

No more support of 4550 and AP207 due informations I have, then no support for your configuration. Pls raise a support ticket to maintain your configuration here. Thanks again