Question about OV2500 gadgets and profiles

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to copy the layout from the dashboard/widgets from one account to another within OV?

Basically, I have a fully configured admin account displaying exactly the way I want it with all the widgets and columns, etc... but when I log with different users the default layout is loaded, so I have to customize my dashboard all over again...

Is there a way to copy this over? OV2500 version is the latest: 4.5R3 67GA

Today’s version of OmniVista does not support the cloning of OV Admin Users. The logic behind this is since the Dashboard is configured at the user level each type/level of administrator has their own set of preferences or access to certain (RBAC) features based on the Roles and Groups that User is assigned. In other words, based on the type of Admin User for Level 1 (that can read/write to all) will have access to every aspect of OV; however, Level 2 & 3 will have lesser access as to what they can view or have access to on their Dashboard.

The design team opted to give each type of Administrator (User) access to configure their own viewable options based on what they have access to Read/Write. Therefore, if you believe the cloning functionality is required because most other management systems allow it then please submit a Product Enhancement Request (PER) so such business case can be internally discussed. In fact, this can be great timing since OV-NG is almost here and this functionality could be an added as an option for those ‘schools of thought’ which see that these profiles need to be dictated by the super “Admin”. Or from a different point of view, one can think that every type of Admin at different levels is free to customize their own Dashboard based on their access (as supported, today).

Please let me know if we should consider opening a PER.