RADIUS - User-Request issue


We are having a issue of disconnection users in our hotspot scenario with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniVista 2500 NMS 4.5R1 GA (Build 51.1) and OAW-AP-1231

It happens that when the user disconnects from the SSID, it's ends the session, thus needing to make a new login, the cause being sent to RADIUS as a User-Request. So, I'd like to know how I can or if there is any configuration that disables this.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Andrevilan

I have catched this point. Stellar AP will remove context of the user if no data is detected for session timout period. Then it is the normal situation with Stellar access points and Omnivista 2500 if no specific configuration done under the 2500.
You have two way to manage such user disconnection from the WLAN in your configuration.
First in UPAM you can enable the remember MAC, which allows the client to be remembered for the validity period.
A second possibility is to disabling the data-carrier-detect in UPAM, this will limit the disconnection of users in case the access point does not detect the device for a while.
Hope this is answering your question

Hi oma-stellar

Appreciating your support.

However we are not using UPAM, this is an external hotspot configuration which we are using only the templates, such as (Access Role Profile, AAA Server Profile, RADIUS server Management and SSID). Do you believe that it is still necessary to carry out these measures in UPAM?

Because if it were DCD, the termination cause would be Lost Carrier, just like with other manufacturers, like Cisco Meraki.

It turns out that on our RADIUS server the cause of the disconnection is defined as User-Request or 0, strange that this value doesn’t exist in the documentation.

Anyway, we managed to recover the user sessions that the controller drops in our RADIUS server, through programming, however, we would like to understand why this occurs.

Thanks in advance.