re-Adding one switch in existing stacking family

Hello Team,

need your urgent support.

I have os6900-T48C6 stacking family and priority are 200 master 180 standby 160 3rd switch 140 4th switch

now the first switch got faulty and i have rma and going to replace.

my question is after configuring vs configuration on first switch can i set same priority for the new switch or not. ?

if we can set same priority and can add in existing vs family it will not impact anything correct ?

Hi Jain-manish94,

You can set the same priority as the old master switch, but after the new switch boot up, it will not pre-empt the current master.

When the “original” master comes back, no election will be processed, and the “new” Master will retain its Master

Hope this solves your issue.


ok then what should i do, so that my first switch would be as master only.

i want my first switch as a master only.

you will have to reboot the new master switch

why new master switch i have to reboot.

in that case how it will become the master again.

what is the process if i want to add the switch with higher priority in our existing family. so that my higher priority switch can become again master.

The default behavior for Virtual-Chassis election process:

  1. Highest chassis priority value
  2. longest chassis uptime
  3. smallest chassis ID
  4. smallest chassis MAC Address

So when the current master (which has highest priority value) is rebooted, a new master will be elected. Once the old master is up, it will not become master again until the current master is rebooted