Redirect URL without using Captive Portal

Is it possible to redirect users who associate with an OPEN SSID to a URL without using captive portal? I have an upcoming event that is going to have about 100 users on the WLAN and want to have users redirected to a URL after they associate with the SSID.
Any suggestions, would be most appreciated.

Hi Honee
To help from my knowledge you don’t have a default configuration on Stellar for an open SSID to redirect to specific URL outside a CP. But I would recommend to check in Omnivista administration guide the redirection management through UPAM in chapter on UPAM. And see how to support redirection on only specific URL in your case this should be supported as a use case for open network. Pls can you detail your exact use case for connecting to specific URL only? Thank you

Thanks for your reply. In the end, I think it’s only possible using upam.