"Remember Device" of Guest User without using the "Guest Device License"

Hi, I notice that without using the "Remember Device" on the SSID the Guest User Device needs to re-authenticate the "Access Code" again once they are disconnected. As a Guest this is quite a hassle for their side, as they need to re-authenticate again and again.

Exactly. That is the reason for "Remembered Device" database, avoid to re-authenticate the USER. Every time a device is accessing the SSID, it will ALWAYS be MAC-authenticated using the "Remembered Device" DB. If the authentication fails (the device is not remembered) then, USER must authenticate through the Captive Portal (credentials, self-registration, access code or whatever). Then the device (is configured such way) is remembered, consuming one license for Guest. If the device is stored in the "Remembered Device" DB, then following accesses to SSID will PASS the MAC-Authentication, eliminating the need to force the Captive Portal authentication.

Thanks, guess they need to purchase a Guest Device License

If the scenario contemplates using a Captive Portal, that is the best approach in order to provide the best Customer Experience with Guest Users.
The Number of devices per Guest (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) and the time devices are remembered is configurable. Some Hotels chains, grant a year for VIP Guests, some days for regular guests, etc. That will depend on Hotel policies.