[Report] Could you tell me for inter-working between OV2500 and OV 3600?

For the reporting function, a customer want to use OV3600 with Stellar AP Enterprise mode. Because OV2500's reporting function is not powerful, they want to see historical report for each AP or wireless clients and etc Is it possible to inter working both OV2500 and OV 3600?

Hi, i’ve tried to link the 2 but have been unsuccessful, so would be useful to find out the correct response from Alcatel

I doubt this will be possible,, airwave is fundamentally an Aruba product..

Hi Jo, i think what the original poster wanted was to use airwave to monitor stellar AP’s, as this is a reporting tool and OV2500 has not yet the same reporting functionality as airwave.
Two different products however.
I daresay OV will improve this in time.

<p>Cheers Alan, thought so but as if managed to put a few switches into OV3600 wasn’t 100% sure</p>