Roaming AP1222 + ANT-S-M4-60


I have a roaming problem between AP1222 + ANT-S-M4-60

roaming is long.


zebra WT6000

Do the 4 antennas have to be connected in a particular order according to the antenna numbers of the terminal?



If we are able to have 2.4Ghz /5Ghz connectivity with the AP Physical Connectivity of the Antenna should not be an issue.

From one AP to another AP roaming of the Devices (WT6000) is taking a long time this may be due to multiple reasons.

Normally clients initiate Roaming by sending re-association packets once the device finds better signal AP.

Normally External Antenna has a better signal for longer distance.

You can try removing lower rates in the SSID profile else adjusting Roaming RSSI in RF Profiles.