Search for Datasheet of OAW-AP5xx Series

Hi all,

I´m on search for the Datasheets of this OAW-AP5xx series, but didn´t succeed.

Just getting Release Notes and other wrong stuf, no datasheets.

Can sb tellme how to get there, or maybe what keywords to search for?

Thx Thorsten

Hi Thorsten,

You have access to wireless lan products and datasheet under this link on the site: OmniAccess Wireless Access Points | Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (

You will find datasheets for OmniAccess WLAN and OmniAccess Stellar. Effectively you are right there is no link on 5XX serie datasheets on this page maybe an issue on references. Fortunatly you can retrieve datasheets on some of our distributor sites: