Setting source-ip interface for DNS request

Dear all,

Seems there is no possibility to specify setting the source ip under VRF for the DNS service, while in the Alcatel official documents is supported, someone have some idea?

The devices are 6860/6900 and the release is 8.6R2

HOSTNAME-> vrf VRF01NETMGMT ip service source-ip "VLAN1000” all HOSTNAME-> vrf VRF01NETMGMT show ip service source-ip Legend: - no explicit configuration Application Interface-name


dns - ftp VLAN1000 ldap VLAN1000 ntp VLAN1000 radius VLAN1000 sflow - snmp VLAN1000 ssh VLAN1000 swlog VLAN1000 tacacs VLAN1000 telnet VLAN1000 tftp VLAN1000 ptp VLAN1000

HOSTNAME> vrf VRF01ip service source-ip "VLAN1000" dns ERROR: Not supported for non-default VRF, VRF

Let me know Best Regards


Default Source Interface for dns requests is the outgoing interface and setting the "ip source" is not supported in VRF as stated in the configuration guide (CLI guide is ambiguous on this point). you may confgure a separate UDP relay setting for port/service to VLAN is required per VRF instance. For example : in the context of the VRF01 instance: "-> ip udp dns vlan 1000".

Please refer to the configuration guide for more insights :