"Show snmp station" bug ?



i am having issue after setting up SNMP on my 6360-P10 [8.9.73.R01 GA]..

i have followed the Sw manual for the configuration aldow i can't see my station.


Those are the commands i've used:


user public password XXXXXX read-write all no auth

snmp security no-security

snmp community-map mode enable

snmp community-map monitor user public enable

snmp station public v1 enable

ip service source-ip VLAN1 snmp


At this point, when i use the command "show snmp station" i recive a blank row.


Can you help me ?

[snmp is active]


You will need to configure the AAA authentication for SNMP before adding the SNMP station config.



I will try asap and confirm your solution if it’s the case. Thanks for the replay.