Snmp configuration (zabbix)



Does anyone have experience with zabbix? I need a simple example snmp configuration thanks


AOS switch configuration for SNMP V3

user &lt username&gt Password &lt Password&gt read-write all sha+aes priv-password &lt Password&gt

example : username bhanu password P@ssword123 read-write all sha+aes priv-password P@ssw0rd123

Snmp &lt snmp-station&gtv3 &ltusername&gt enable

example : snmp v3 bhanu v3 enable

More information on SNMP for AOS switches is available in Switch Management Guide.

With regards to Zabbix SNMP configuration you can refer to below video

Zabbix SNMP Monitoring - Beginner's Guide to Setup and Configuration (

I hope it helps

I recommend to review this page for details on how to work with AOS Release 8 and Zabbix: