SNMP Error

Any ideas on what would cause the following error message on ALE switches:

“SNMP has STOPPED responding to OmniVista: Couldn’t send SNMP message (Timeout or Authentication Problem). Last up time: 42 days, 0:49:19.66”.

It brought down our entire network today.

Hi Itmac,

If a device stops responding to OmniVista, it can mean of these:

  • The device's management IP interface is no longer reachable from OmniVista
  • The OmniVista SNMP user can no longer authenticate to the device. For example, the password was changed, the user has been deleted, change of security settings in case of SNMPv3, changes to the way the device authenticates SNMP requests (for example, changing or removing the command "aaa authentication ...".

But the fact that OmniVista can no longer reach the device using SNMP will not bring your entire network down! The network will keep working as usual. Simply OmniVista will not be able to monitor or manage the device.

I would think that in your case, the fact that your network is down is the cause and the fact that OmniVista cannot communicate with the device using SNMP is the consequence.

Hope this helps