SSID Management / DHCP


I would like to know if with AP1351 and 1321 it would be possible to control several SSIDs some deployed on Omniacess and other names while centralizing the Omniacess. I would like to know if it would be possible to set up a different DHCP on a guest network, I have the impression that the configuration does not allow it and that the only solution is to set up subnets.

Thank you in advance for your help.


It seems there is different questions here in this topic but with no really details on topology itself for Stellar ccess points you mention. Pls can you clarify the topology and use case you have with SSIDs services you have to manage. How many APs do you manage and which networking with, their mode of management and some informations on switching itself. For example I don't really understand the limitation you point out regards the subnetting with Stellar access points. Pls thanks to clarify Best regards O.

To make it clearer and simpler, I would like to broadcast on the same Omniaccess, several SSIDs that do not have the same security. But to do this, if I understand correctly, I will have to use new OmniAccess. If I want to broadcast an open network “A” and a second one “B” which will be secure, broadcasting it on the same AP will jeopardize the security of my whole network, I have to sacrifice some APs to make a private network and others for an open network for the public; Thanks for you answer

Hi jbgg,

Sorry for the delay to answer my account was just encounter some issues previously. Omniaccess Stellar access points are enterprise APs
that enable you to broadcast the necessary number SSIDs you need to broadcast in your networks and each SSID can be fully managed with relevant authentication level
you need for any type of clients, basically with open wireless/no security level or with WPA2/WPA3 cryptos. This within same models of Stellar APs.
Open Wifi networks come of course with an opening in enterprise network and open clients access are generlly done with isolation method for each client.
Clients accesses on open network can be fully managed through omniswitches with tunnels for better isolation and accesses profiled with UPAM module of Omnivista.
This without interfering with management of clients with corporate WPA2/WPA3 authentications. I invite you to close to solution documentation on Guest access
and methods and technical documentation of Omnivista for details for such management. Regards