Im quoting against a Netegar WIFI solution and have found that their AP prices are very cost effective under £100, WAC510

They include in their quote a netgear insight 5 year licence i assume this is a cost to register the APs, does anyone have info on these costs so i can quote competativly.

Im looking to provide AP1201


thank you



I searched for the product/insight name you mentioned above and their website gives away the annual pricing.

I'd position the advantages of the Stellar Wireless solution in combination with OmniVista Cirrus that enables you to provide Simple Deployment, Device/IoT Fingerprinting, Application Analytics, Heatmap/Floorplan capabilities. I had a quick look at the data sheet of the AP you mentioned above and was surprised to find that it doesn't provide future-proof capabilities towards e.g. WPA3. I have many conversations lately around our Device-Specific PSK functionality, that is simpler to deploy for Enterprise customers than certificate-based authentications (while most secure).