Stellar AP-1221 issue clients IP showing multiple times

Hi ,

We have Stellar AP where clients IP addresses are showing multiple Times in Clients tab when client roamed from one AP to another

Hi, The roaming is supported in Express mode for any type of roaming clients, but there is no roaming monitoring. Then you could have a possible multiple IP display for clients which are roaming a lot within the window of WebGUI pages refreshing. By default Express WebGUI refreshs its informations every 15 minutes then multiple IP display can occurs within this time. Note the full monitoring and roaming history is supported in OV mode for any type of roaming clients, then with updated clients roaming informations. Pls if you coud indicate the type of client which is roaming in your case? Thanks

There is a roaming history since Stellar AOS-W 3.0.6. it shows roaming history between SSID/AP/Band. informations are separated by connection/sessions.