Stellar AP Antenna primary Port

Hi All, i strongly should reuse an already mounted WLAN Antenna, it´s a Dual Band omnidirectional with one N-Connector. It´s because off the old Buiding and how it look´s like from outside.

If i use an AP1220 which Antenna port should i use to connect, same for the 1360, is there a "primary" Port or anything else.

Or if i can push the customer to use a new Antenna, for example the ANT-O-M4-9, how connect it to to the AP1360? The Antenna have four Ports, the AP1360 six? For the AP1220, if i can get the right cable, N-to-RPSMA is there any restrictions how to connect the four Ports together?

Thanks Paul

No Primary Port. If there is a special requirement as such will be documented in the AP specific Installation Guide.