Stellar AP show DNS name in DHCP

We have switched from Cisco to ALE. Cisco would show the AP names in the DHCP server. Stellar AP names do not show up by default. Is there a setting I can enable in Cirrus to display the DNS name of the device in DHCP?

Hi itmac

Are you speaking about hostname instead for AP Stellar? AP names are default ones in OV Cirrus. Have you tried set AP Name under Basic information of Access Point list? (Network > Access Points > select AP and details)


Yes all of the APs have a name filled out in that area. Nothing shows up on our DHCP server. We are running Windows 2016 DHCP.

Ok should be no setting on OV Cirrus to display DNS name if exists. Pls first raise a ticket to doublecheck with win2016 DHCP configuration and support of DNS name display in last release 4.6.2