Stellar Express and Guest Wifi

Hello all,

Today I needed to set up a large site with around 30 APs. The network is due to be upgraded and properly done next year but for now I didn't have any control over it (vlan and router wise).

The customer wanted a guest wifi along with an admin one. So I followed the procedures in this ALE video to achieve it: After setting this up in one of the APs, it worked brilliantly.

Now the issue is that I had to replicate this config to all the other APs. I went to one of the APs and tried to take a backup to upload into all others, but I didnt see a way of doing it.

I ended up doing it one by one. Was there an easier way?

Also, I was expecting (before I started) that I should only need to do this in one of the APs and it would replicate into the others, but that also didn't happen.

Hi yes, your understanding is correct. If the new AP(AP02) connected in the same VLAN of the existing AP(AP01), APo2 will get the configuration of the SSID's from APo1.

Check Both the AP's are on the same VLAN or not.

DHCP Configuration and DNS configuration will be specific to the AP.

DHCP,DNS and NAT will be AP specific