Stellar GTTS, OV2500, OS6860E

Hi all,

anybody already set up a working GTTS. I try it hard the last days but with no success. I found four different Guides how the setup should done, one from the Alcatel Doku Wiki, one from a Course, one i get from an Alcatel Engineer and one found in the net. But all of them not working. If someone have a hint for me how it will work, it would be great.

I use following Setup

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniVista 2500 NMS 4.5R1 GA (Build 51, 04/06/2020) AP1221 OS6860E-48 8.6.289.R01 GA, July 13, 2019

Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

Please check this PPT I elaborated. It's pretty straightforward, tested, and works.

Try to upgrade OV, AWOS, and AOS to modern releases.






Hi Jorge, thanks for your quick reply. I know the ppt you attached and try it. Do you have the Info for me which FW releases are used in this scenario?

I rebuilt the customer setup in my lab and do many of sniffer traces. It look like the Gre Tunnel is Up. If i try to ping from the WLAN Client to one resource in the LAN i see the arp packets in both directions, and also the arp entry in the LAN resource i want to ping, but in teh WLAN Client the arp entry is missing. A TCP Dump on the LAN Port from the AP shows the arp Packet, so it must be get lost between the LAN and WLAN Interface on the AP, on the air or on the WLAN CLient IP Stack. I can´t now check if the Packet is transmittet in the air or check with an other WLAN Client (it´s a remote lab) so i would like to focus if i can check if it send out from the AP. Is it possible, which interface on the AP i have to choose. Also is there a possibility to check on the AP if there a active Tunnel (Gre) connection?

Hope someone can bring the light on in my head :-/

Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,
I used OV4.5R3 and AOS8.7.354R1.
For AWOS I started with (Engineering release fixing some interwork with 3rd party) and then 4.0.2.
Apparently, the problem is located in the Stellar AP. As 4.0.1 is quite old now, I would recommend an upgrade.