Stellar MESH-AP (non-root) is getting management IP in wrong VLAN

Stellar-AP is configured as MESH-AP and has successful connection to root AP (Enterprise/OV2500). Clients in some SSIDs are successful connected to MESH-AP.

But the MESH-AP is not available within the management network of the Stellar APs (untagged). Instead it has requested IP address from the VLAN that is used for the first SSID.

Traffic for clients connected to the first SSID is not forwarded to the clients.


How to change this behaviour? There are no settings in "Edit Mesh Configuration" in Omnivista!?

6860N and OS686x models shount not be mixed in a Virtual Chassis.

Hello sputniki,

The mesh configuration has to be done on the AP web interface. You have to enable the "AP Web" setting in the AP Group configuration in OmniVista, and then login to the AP Web interface for the AP to configure the mesh. Please refer to the video link that will show the configuration steps:


Hello adongula,

the mesh configuration can be done either on AP web GUI or within OV2500 with Network & "Access Points" 'selecting single AP & Edit Mesh Configuration). This feature was introduced with "Out-of-the-Box Mesh"- Feature in OV2500 4.5R2 and enhanced by "AP Mesh Configuration Enhancements" with manual settings for "Passphrase" and "Mcast Rate" in 4.7R1

But the issue with management network of meshed AP was related to builtin UNP AP profile of the Omniswitches, which only takes LLDP packets in to account for classification. And therefore management traffic from non-root AP is handled like configured in the default UNP profile.