Stellar MESH-AP (non-root) is getting management IP in wrong VLAN

Stellar-AP is configured as MESH-AP and has successful connection to root AP (Enterprise/OV2500). Clients in some SSIDs are successful connected to MESH-AP.

But the MESH-AP is not available within the management network of the Stellar APs (untagged). Instead it has requested IP address from the VLAN that is used for the first SSID.

Traffic for clients connected to the first SSID is not forwarded to the clients.


How to change this behaviour? There are no settings in "Edit Mesh Configuration" in Omnivista!?

Did you configure the Mamangement vlan on mesh point? else I would suggest to open case with ALE support by sending an e-mail


Thanks for the advice. We do not use management vlan tagged for uplink. But UNP configuration of the uplink port of the root AP was the reason for that behaviour: The defaultWLANProfile does only match LLDP classification of the physical connected root AP and non-root APs are matching the conditions of the default-profile. So the meshed APs are forwarded to the wrong VLAN.