Tag Multiple VLAN's using UNP?

Hi. Is anyone of are of if/how you can tag multiple VLAN's with UNP dynamically with one untagged, for a mac-oui?


I am seeing you can do this with for Stellar Access Points (using LLDP with ap-mode), or dynamically tag a single vlan using a classification rule, but doesn't appear that you could put a non-Stellar device (say an Alcatel/Aruba IAP) into a vlan, and then tag 3 other user VLAN's.


For example, for mac-oui aa:bb:cc, unpUntag VLAN 30, and unpQtag VLAN's 31, 32, 35.



I was just informed by TAC this is not possible.

This possible for sure. I am unsure why TAC said that. can pls reach out to local SE.

You can create an Access Auth profile for the specific ports and enable Trust Tag. Then all vlans that are on the switch are simply made available