Trying to Perform Stacking using os6860E-24 alcatel switches

Hello Team,

I need your support.

in my test lab I am trying to perform stacking using 2 alcatel switches with model OS6860E-24 version is 8.8.56.R02

here i am facing one issue , i am using two 10g spf module with sfp cable and when running show virtual-chassis vf-link -- there is showing only one connection not both.


but both my spf port are showing up. I have already tried to change sfp module, sfp fiber cable but still same only one port is showing there when running this vf-link command.


another issue under the /flash/working -- there is vcsetup.cfge file which is creating automatically do not know why.


can you please help me on this.

Hello jain,

vcsetup.cfg is the configuration file.

regarding your virtual-chassis issue, can you verify your configuration on both switches is similar to the one below:
1. Assign a chassis ID (different for each switch)
2. Assign a chassis Group ID (same for both switches) and priority (higher switch will be master)
3. configure VFL link and ports. This can be automatic or static configuration
4. Restart chassis to the Virtual-chassis configuration file


any idea when I am adding new switch in existing family why I am getting this.


mis-license-config in alcatel switch os6860e