Tunnel from Stellar-AP to central spot within the LAN

Hello Everyone,

Is there anybody who can help me with a required functionality?

I would like to connect a Stellar Access Point at the Edge of my campus network (LAN). The AP should advertise one of my standard SSID for employees. But I don’t want to distribute the employee VLAN to the access port where the AP is connected. Is it possible to establish a tunnel from the AP to a central spot of my network where the employee VLAN is available?

To put it another way: Can I forward the traffic of a SSID thru the LAN to a central site in the network and put it there into a specific VLAN?

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards Rainer

Hi It is effectively possible to forward your data traffic to a HQ area through the Stellar SSID tunneling feature. Then I don't have to manage your VLAN at the access level in that case Which aim is behind the need? Thanks if you can provide more details of your campus networking.

Hello Rainer. Attached you will see some slides how to do. Regards Hauke

Right it is the possibility with central switches OS6860s and 6900s. And this for any SSID if you don't want to change access switches in the existing network. You have the limits for tunneling feature in 6900 or 6860 both

<p>Dear Olivier, thnak you. The aim is to forward traffic to a specific vlan which I dont have at the Access-Switch, where the AP is connected. So nothing special. I want to replace the wireless of another manufacturer without changing the network configuration on sveral switches. Regards Rainer</p>

<p>Thanks Hauke, I will try.</p>