Unable to establish connectivity on hospitality Port of Stellar AP1201H in enterprise mode

OV 2500 NMS and Stellar AP - IP Phone behind an AP Stellar 1201H port is not trusted

Hi, Is the IP phone connected to the corporate LAN? Thanks


you have to: ((1)) Create a new Access Role Profile (ARP), ((2)) map the ARP to the VoIP VLAN, ((3)) go to Home/Unified Access/ Template / Access Auth Profile and create a profile with the newly created Access Role Profile that was mapped to the IP Phone VLAN in the Default Access role Profile field, ((4)) "APPLY to Device" the created profile to the AP Group ( Eth3 needs to be checked if the IP phone is connected on port 3, ETH2 if on port 2, etc.) : please check Knowledge base article in attchement of this post.


A question : did your phone send tag 260 or phone send untagged frame and AP send it out on port eth0 with tag 260. So port Eth3 in config exemple is like access vlan 260