Upgrade Deskphone 8058s

I've got an Alcatel-Lucent Premium Deskphone 8058s and wanted to use it on my Asterisk server for learning purposes, not commercial intent.

Came with the stock firmware and put it on the SIP mode, and got it working on my Asterisk Server without problems.

But I wanted to upgrade it and got help with a firmware but couldn't update it.

USB and WebUI failed, and SSH came disabled. Last resource is to set up a TFTP server and try that way...

Also all I wanted to have is:

The phone in SIP mode with Virtual Extension. (All the buttons for BLF with extensions as with other phones. When trying to update realize that the 10 buttons had LEDs on them!




I used 3 different USB drives, and got two with "upgrade sucessful" But without upgrading the original 1.20.50

I attached the sip80x8s info: sip80x8S_1.51.04_18Apr19_22h45


I think this is the wrong place for your question. This forum is related to network topics such as WLAN, network management, switching, asset tracking...