Upgrade process of AP through Cirrus

Hi all,

Can someone explain the exact process when upgrading all access points of 1 or multiple AP Group from Cirrus.

Are the access points smart enough not to be upgraded at the same time? So the upgrade can be done during production hours?




Hello nico,

Yes it is very simple.

For OV Cirrus R10, just go to "Configure > Inventory > Scheduled Upgrades"

For OV Cirrus 4.x, you can schedule an upgrade in "Network > Inventory > Scheduled Upgrades"

you can create an upgrade schedule including the date and time, AP Group, and software version.


Hi Adongula,

Thanks for the reply. I was not specific enough.

If I upgrade all APs in an AP group, are the APs smart enough not to reboot at the same time?

Thus, end devices will not lose connectivity to the network.

the devices will automatically reboot as part of the upgrade process, therefore it is recommended to stagger upgrades of different devices in different time windows during non-busy hours

Ok. Thanks !