Upgrade Stellar Code From OV2500?

Is there any way to upgrade Stellar AP code from the OV2500 NMS?

I manually upgraded the code on one AP1221 to and factory reset it before connecting it to a network with DHCP option 138. This connected it to my instance of OV2500. I, then, connected another AP1221 with code revision and it was successfully imported into OV2500, as well. However, I am running OV2500 4.2.2.R01 MR-2 (Build 115.2) and the release notes say to upgrade to 3.0.2.x. Is there a way to do this, en masse, from OV2500? Otherwise, this is going to take a while.

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Of course you can upgrade AP groups within OV2500. For that you have to upload/import the SWOS image files (a package that contains firmware for all Stellar AP hardware) with OV2500.
Got to “Configuration” -> “Resource Manager” -> “Upgrade Image” and click “Install”.
In the next step you will see the OAW-APxxxx_version.bin files then you can add manually one or more devices or (what you probably want) an AP Group to install the firmware.
The upgrade process will immediately take down all APs of the group at the same time – so take care to start the upgrade after working hours or add single APs manually. ????

<p>Thanks for the answer, Joerg. You are spot on.</p>