Upgrade Stellar FW with OV2500

Hi All,

i try to upgrade a Stellar 1220 AP in Enterprise Mode, managed from a OV2500.

I am able to import the AWOS in the OV2500, but if i try to install it on a AP i always get the Error Message "There was an error transfering file imports/ss20210208-0001/OAW-AP1220_4.0.1.44.bin."

Try it with different AWOS Bundels, different APs even with different OV2500, no succsses.

A manually Upgrade (OV2500 - Network Devices - check the AP - Actions - Webpage and so on, like in Express Mode) works fine, same AP, same bin file, from the AWOS Package.

Any hint was i do wrong?

Thanks Paul


Issue with this post? We have provided an answer with avaibility of AWOS that should enable the upgrade of your AP from OV2500. Best regards