Upgrading uboot in a stack. How to?

Hello all. I have a stack of 6360 and I need to update the uboot. There has been an issue with power failure and old uboots prevent the switches from properly coming back into service.


Anyhow, I updated the AOS to the latest version and I have the config saved and synced. But how to I update the uboot across all switches in the stack? Documentation seems scarse here. Does this work? Is this the right command?:


update uboot cmm all file /flash/file.ext


Or will I have to do it switch by switch in the stack? Thanks for reading.

Hi, I upgraded about 20 stacks last week using the following. It copied the files to each switch in the virtual chassis

FPGA: update fpga-cpld cmm all file fpga_kit_8405

u-boot: update uboot cmm all file /flash/OS6360_U-boot.8.9.R02.85.tar.gz

Perfect! Thank you for this! I was onto something then :slight_smile:

Now, FPGA, I never bothered with this before. Can you provide some info on what this is and why I also need to update it?

Check the release notes, there are some updates to the fpga possibly depending on your platform with regard to uboot access, fan speed or flash corruption.