virtual chassis L# switch

one of the Chassis instead of being Sleav it show : Inconsis


Local Chassis: 2 Oper Config Oper System Chas Role Status Chas ID Pri Group MAC-Address Ready -----+------------+-------------------+--------+-----+------+------------------+------- 1 Master Running 1 100 1 94:24:e1:19:11:73 Yes 2 Inconsis Mis-Control-Vlan 2 100 1 94:24:e1:11:95:a5 No


There is a control VLAN mismatch between both units. The default one is 4094 and we should not change this VLAN.

Please validate the vcsetup.cfg of both units and correct the VLAN on Slave unit or delete the control-VLAN config on both switch's vcsetup.cfg (edit in the switch itself by using vi editor options) and reload both switches together without executing the "write memory flash-synchro".

Reload with the command "reload from vc_dir no rollback time-out" and check the status once after reloaded.

I hope this clarifies about your question, let me know if you need any more help with this.

Thanks Chan Basha