Virtual Chassis Rebooting again and again

Dear Guys

I have two OS9907 Core switches in my network. Some day before just because of electricity fluctuation my switches rebooted, and they keep on rebooting for half an hour. I have to take out DAC from both switches and then power them up, after 2,3 times rebooting the switches become stable. As i again put on the DAC both the switches rebooted again and then become stable right after 15 to 20 minutes.

Kindly help me out from this issue that how to get id of this issue.

From the explanation removing DAC cable stabilizes the network. I Assume the DAC Cable is the VFL link.

VFL link unstable can trigger a reboot of the switches.

Did you check interfaces Status of VFL link ports to see was there any Physical port flap that can trigger the switches to reboot due to VFL link unstable.?

show virtual-chassis vf-link member-port to know the ports part of VFL.

show interface | grep -i "status change" to check any physical port flaps are high.


If you have collected logs during issue time, Please open a case with support to nail down the cause