Virtual-Chassis Split-Protection (VCSP) Pros and Cons

Hello everyone,

We are operating two stacks, each consisting of two Alcatel switches (OS6900-T48C6). Due to a defective QSFP port causing multiple split-brain scenarios, we are considering implementing VCSP to avoid this issue in the future. From what I understand, the stacks could theoretically monitor each other, or another OS6900 switch could be used for this purpose. What are the pros and cons of using VCSP?

Thank you.

Hi, if a split-brain could cause a serious issue (if your VC acts i.e. as the default Gateway for multiple networks), then RCD (RemoteChassisDetection) via EMP ports or VCSP is a must! I would personally prefer to connect the EMP ports together via a dedicated “EMP Switch” as this would give additional out-of-band access to the switches, but sure, this is most of the time not possible due to physical constraints. So VCSP is most of the time needed. If access switches are connected via Linkagg anyway to the VC, you wouldn´t waste additional ports for VC - so I see no contra for that feature. But please make sure, you follow the rule mentioned in the SwitchManagement Guide, that every VC needs to have a unique Group-ID. Otherwise there is a risk to mess up the redundancy: