Wi-Fi Express Cluster and DHCP

Good morning

Beginners question. I try to setup a Wi-Fi Express cluster (great solution).

When my AP1201 Access Point boots and receives a gateway IP address from the DHCP server, the Access Points tries to connect with OmniVista Cirrus (I think) and I can no longer login to the Access Point. If I prevent the DHCP server to send the gateway address, the problem is solved.

Is this how it is designed?

Is there a workaround? My Wi-Fi clients need a gateway address to access the internet.




the booting process comprises 3 steps.

1 - if option 138 is in the DHCP packet offered with the OVE ip address. The AP will try to contact OVE.

2 - if option 138 is not configure. The AP will call OVC. it the AP SN and MAC address have been added to an OVC account. The AP will start the OVC registration process.

3 - if none of the above are met. The AP will enter into Express mode.

Have your AP been added to an OVC account before? if so, you'll have to delete it.




We see the same behavior always.

Here our solution for the first setup of an AP in express mode: you need a network with a dhcp server (w/o option 43 and 138) and w/o internet access (otherwise the AP tries to connect to OVC). Then you need to reset the AP to factory.

OK Thank you, two good answers! This helps.

it should not work like that. I have set up a number of times express clusters with access to the internet and works fine. No need to prevent the ap from accessing to the internet or reset the ap.
There is something wrong there, open a case with TAC or upgrade to the latest firmware and try.