Workflow for soft migration from express mode to enterprise mode

Is there any way to convert a customer installation in express mode to enterprise mode without disruption of the whole wifi service (by resetting the PVC and all APs)?

I don't see any possibility to reset the configuration for single AP from webinterface. And removing ("kick off") a single AP from the AP-Group doesn't allow to access the webinterface for resetting configuration - there is yet the redirect to the former PVC-IP-address, even if the AP is kicked off.

Starting with SWOS there is a new “AP WEB UI” that allows to maintain and configure AP specific details from the group web management (PVC) in the “AP Configuration” section. Just klick the shown IP address in the list of APs and choose “Reset” from the “Settings” of the dedicated AP Web UI screen.

Upcoming 3.0.4 version will have a dedicated “convert to Enterprise” button in Web GUI