Zero touch provisioning with oxo

Did someone try zero touch provisioning of Stellar with OXO? I have a partner that configured OXO DHCP server with range of IP addresses for Stellar APs. When he connected two brand new AP1101 access points, they came up as configured! Blue led is lid, and default Administrator password is not accepted! I told him that either he got some preconfigured AP, or someone else connected to the Stellar provisioning SSID and configured the cluster :) However, another possibility that OXO is shipped with some config file that is pushed to Stellar APs. Any clue?

Turns out OXO are shipped with some default instruction and config files for Stellar APs! Now if I could only find what is the password OXO pushes to Stellar... ("switch" ?) From OXO System Services manual: Importing the configuration file In OMC, provision is given to export/import the file from OXO Connect to PC/PC to OXO Connect. The instruction and configuration files are embedded by default in OXO Connect: The configuration file name (hap_conf.ini) and path information are available in the instruction file. The instruction file name (hap_instruction.ini) is transmitted in the OXO Connect DHCP Offer (DHCP option 67). By default, the HAP instruction file (hap_instruction.ini) is available under ThirdParty_Devices directory. Note: The content of the instruction and configuration files can be modified, but the name of these files cannot be modified. The configuration file provides the following information: • Employee/Guest/Voice SSIDs (WLAN SSIDs) • Passphrases • Country code • Virtual IP of cluster • Admin password • VLAN ID

Hi, from which OXO version is this configuration file?
thx in advance.

2.1 as far as I can tell

Thx, effectively with this OXO version the admin password and ssids passwords are randomly generated. OXO Evolution coming in '19 hoping have an evolution ;) best regards

Is this documented anywhere?

I guess the OXO System Services manual you refer should be the right doc

<p>Hi Franck one reflection that I thought worth mentioning is the fact that in my experience there is one slight blocking point that prevents the whole process being Zero touch. In the situation where you want to use the OXO DHCP for PC&#8217;s, mobile and other devices connected to the 1101 two adjustments need to be taken into account in the OXO DHCP configuration. Firstly the default Adavanced DHCP IP range must be extended as it only contains one IP address in the range &#8220;;. The other adjustment that I have found necessary in order to allow several devices to connect to the 1101 is that it is necessary to via advanced DHCP/advanced DHCP configuration/DHCP parameters create a new index with &#8220;any device&#8221; as the device ID.</p>